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  • RTL Group Mission Statement

    Check out a short video on RTL Group’s new Mission Statement

  • The Year in Review 2015

    A fast-paced journey through the highlights of 2015 across broadcast, content and digital.

  • RTL Digital Hub

    Meet the partners of the RTL Digital Hub
    (video produced by Christian Ruffus, RTL Journalistenschule)

  • RTL Group's full-year results 2015

    RTL Group´s Executive Committee comments on the full-year results 2015

  • Join the club! (Vox - Germany)

    Club der roten Bänder was a format widely embraced by our audience. Click to learn more about the adventures of Emma, Leo, Hugo, Alex, Toni and Jonas.

  • Germans, welcome home! (Mediengruppe RTL Deutschland - Germany)

    Mediengruppe RTL Deutschland expanded its footprint globally by launching RTL International. Click to learn how the recently-launched channel will make sure that German expats will not feel homesick.

  • The world of multi-channel networks (RTL Group - Luxembourg)

    Learn more about the business model of multi-channel networks and how they help Youtubers become successful influencers.

  • RTL Info (RTL-TVI - Belgium)

    The RTL Info brand encompasses not only the company’s TV news broadcasts, but all
    forms of news produced by RTL Belgium.

  • The beautiful network (StyleHaul - North America)

    Explore StyleHaul, the leading multi-channel network for beauty, fashion and lifestyle on Youtube.

  • Goede Tijden, Slechte Tijden (RTL Nederland - The Netherlands)

    Goede Tijden, Slechte Tijden is the Netherland's most popular daily soap. For more than 20 years, the show attracts millions of viewers every night.

  • Full-year results 2014 (RTL Group - Luxembourg)

    RTL Group´s Executive Committee comments on the full-year results 2014

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