Code of Conduct

Responsible and ethical behaviour toward employees, business partners, society and the environment is an integral part of our company’s values. The Code of Conduct serves as a common guideline for our decisions and our actions. It outlines binding minimum standards for responsible behaviour toward business partners and the public, as well as for our behaviour within the company. It includes a decision-making guide in order to help meeting these standards in case of doubt. For those seeking advice or wanting to raise a concern the Code provides all the relevant tools and contacts.

The Code of Conduct is available in nine languages, in magazine format for online reading or in PDF format for downloading.

The Code of Conduct in pdf format

Speaking up

–     Various channels are available to RTL Group employees or any other person engaged in RTL Group's business for reporting and discussing concerns about compliance violations.

–     Contact the RTL Group Compliance team (  or +49 221 456 56620)

–     Use RTL Group’s online reporting system ( which is available in multiple languages and allows a confidential and secure dialogue with the RTL Group Compliance team

–     Contact the ombudsperson ( via one of the phone numbers listed on the last page of the RTL Group Code of Conduct magazine above on this site.

Business partner principles

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RTL Group Code of Conduct

Employees can obtain a printed copy of the Code of Conduct from their local HR department. RTL Group subsidiaries can place bulk orders of the Code of Conduct by sending an e-mail to

Your contact for questions regarding the Code of Conduct: RTL Group compliance department, Tel. +49 221 456 56620,

Luxembourg, 1 September 2014

“A message from Anke Schäferkordt and Guillaume de Posch, Co-CEOs of RTL Group”


Dear colleagues,

Six years ago RTL Group published its first Code of Conduct. Since then the world has changed, and so has our company and our working environment. Our business has become more international; more connected; more regulated – in short, more complex.
Today, RTL Group is publishing an updated version of the Code of Conduct.

You will find a lot of similarities to its previous version. The Code expresses our commitment to full compliance with the relevant laws and regulations. It also outlines the basic principles of our Group, including dealing responsibly with business partners and third parties; handling information; respecting human rights and the environment. In other words: working together in a workplace that is based on mutual trust and respect.

However, the new Code has been thoroughly revised in order to reflect the most predominant changes in our working environment. For example, you will now find references to RTL Group’s policy concerning anti-corruption measures; a more precise definition of our expectations and obligations vis-à-vis our business partners; and new topics such dealing with social media.

We consider the Code of Conduct as a tool that supports our business decisions. The Code therefore provides clear guidance to help staying in line with the principles in case of doubt, and it also provides relevant tools and contacts in case someone wishes to raise a concern. Working in a trustful environment means that concerns should be discussed openly and without fear for retaliation. As it was already the case in the past, this is one of the key principles of the Code.

The Code of Conduct applies to all of us at RTL Group, and each of us is obligated to adhere to its principles. Our Code continues to be fully in line with the Bertelsmann Code of Conduct.

We invite all of you to read through the update Code of Conduct, either in the e-magazine on our intranet Backstage, or through PDF-download. A paper version will be distributed to you shortly. Trainings will be organised in the course of the coming months. Questions and comments can always be addressed to the Compliance officer responsible in your company or business unit, and of course also to the Compliance team at the Corporate Centre (

Let’s not forget: the Code expresses our standards of business conduct and provides support in business decisions – but it can never replace personal integrity and sound judgement.

Thank you for your support and best regards,

Anke Schäferkordt and Guillaume de Posch
Co-CEO's of RTL Group