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RTL Group is acutely aware of the special nature of the media business, as both an opinion former and information provider, and the responsibilities of a media company towards its communities. We are committed to provide our audiences with high quality products – including both quality information and popular entertainment, and strive to offer a broad range of content addressing society as a whole. Over and above simple compliance with regulation, we recognise that business success cannot only be measured in financial terms. The wide range of our activities and initiatives reflects our decentralised corporate structure. More importantly, sustainable management is part of our will to giving back to society. Our approach is based on the belief that actions speak louder than words. So this report outlines our Corporate Responsibility views and 

Press Freedom

Ensuring high editorial standards and journalistic independence are deeply rooted in all of our news organisations. Senior management doesn’t interfere with the independence of our editorial teams. High editorial standards have become even more important in an era where news organisations are sometimes accused of publishing misleading stories and individuals post fake news on social networks.

Image description: Michaël Miraglia presents RTL-TVI’s weekly Reporters magazine always factual, clear and comprehensive © RTL TVI / Jean-Michel Clajot


Reflecting the diversity of our society, while protecting media users as well as intellectual property rights. We also use our profile to make a difference for disadvantaged members of society. We’re a founding member of the ‘CEO Coalition to make the internet a better place for kids’, a self-regulating initiative launched by the European Commission. And with our German channels we actively support the ‘Alliance to better protect minors online’. Both initiatives aim to address the risks minors face online, such as harmful content, conduct, and contacts.

Image description: Football world champion Mats Hummels is patron of a RTL-Spendenmarathon 2017 project in Malawi © Mediengruppe RTL Deutschland / Frank Rollitz


Ensuring our employees receive fair recognition, treatment and working conditions, alongside opportunities for career development. It’s also important we recruit people from a wide variety of backgrounds, including independent thinkers and go-getters – people who are passionate about their ideas. We strive to treat all employees fairly and to engage in constructive dialogue with employee representatives, particularly in the rare instances we’re considering staff reductions.

Image description: Xavier de Moulins (2nd from left), presenter of the M6 news programme Le 19.45, accompanied Valentin and his brother Théophile at a Sport Ensemble race in Paris © M6 / Lou Breton

Our Structure

The CR Council (CRC) was founded in March 2012 with the aim of advancing environmental, social and governance matters at RTL Group. In January 2016, Oliver Fahlbusch, the Group’s Executive Vice President of Corporate Communications & Marketing became its chairman.

The CRC meets three times a year to work on topics such as environmental protection, ethics and compliance, gender equality and diversity, corporate governance, and transparency – and their implications for human resources, investor relations and communications. It comprises representatives from RTL Group’s Corporate Centre in Luxembourg with expertise in these areas.

In March 2014, RTL Group expanded its CR task force Group-wide, to create the RTL Group CR Network, which comprises CR representatives from RTL Group’s profit centres as well as the Corporate Centre. The CR Network meets once a year to share knowledge and best practice, allowing the CRC to gain a greater understanding of local initiatives.

CR across the Group

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