A message from our CEO

At RTL Group, the focus of our corporate responsibility (CR) commitment has always been to embrace independence and diversity in our people, our content and our businesses. Being a provider of information and entertainment for millions of people carries a great responsibility.  

To understand which CR topics are most important for RTL Group’s success we recently asked internal and external stakeholders to help us identify our key priorities as follows:

Content responsibility and journalistic independence

Our news reporting and information programming are based on editorial and journalistic independence, with a commitment to impartiality, responsibility, truthfulness and fairness. We are particularly careful about protecting the rights of minors and reporting acts of violence, and our newsroom guidelines outline our approach and principles. Upholding these guidelines in our daily reporting is essential when it comes to maintaining public trust in the era of fake news and online disinformation. For this reason, we also invest significant resources in our user generated content verification team, which has expanded in recent years to cover both our businesses and partner companies in Europe.

Diversity and inclusion

Our diverse audience requires us to be a diverse business – and to remain an attractive and successful employer we must reflect the audiences we entertain. We embrace workplace diversity in gender, ethnicity, disability and socio-economic status, and are opposed to any form of discrimination. Our journalistic balance helps us to reflect the diverse opinions of the societies we serve.

Climate change

RTL Group is a media company with no industrial operations and no need to consume significant amounts of raw materials or fossil fuel. Despite this, we recognise that conserving resources and protecting the climate are key challenges for the 21st century, and we have therefore decided to become climate neutral by 2030. To help us achieve this goal, we launched a Group-wide Climate Task Force to share knowledge on the carbon footprint measurement and emission reduction required to reach our target. The primary focus will be on switching to green energy – a step that our largest business unit, RTL Deutschland, achieved at the start of 2021. Meanwhile, Fremantle is working with the industry consortium Albert and has launched an updated carbon calculator that will help to accurately assess and reduce the carbon impact of its productions worldwide.

Despite making good progress in these three areas in recent years we continue to pursue ambitious goals. We are currently working on a comprehensive repositioning of the RTL brand. The focus is on one RTL brand that stands for positive entertainment, independent journalism and content responsibility, as well as inspiration, energy and attitude. This reflects the fact that responsibility is an integral part of the way we do business.