Relevance matrix

Reviewing the issues that are material to CR is an ongoing and evolving process. We aim to understand which opportunities, risks and impacts are important to our business and our stakeholders, and the relative priority of these issues, so we can maximise the value of our CR efforts.

As part of Bertelsmann’s Group-wide CR-related stakeholder dialogue, between July and October 2017, we interviewed representatives of stakeholder groups relevant for RTL Group – the first time we have used structured interviews of external stakeholders. The aim was to obtain an outside perspective on the relevance of 20 pre-selected CR topics, and to gauge how our efforts and achievements in this area are perceived. For us, this meant 19 interviews across audience members, employees, creatives, community and charities.

We also updated our matrix internally. The issues have been re-evaluated at our CR Council, and with our business units. In October 2017, around 20 Corporate Responsibility representatives from across the Group met in Luxembourg for the third RTL Group CR Network Meeting, where the results of the materiality exercises were presented.

As a business, we work continually to align our CR activities to our main business objectives. The CR Network identified three key business objectives for RTL Group’s CR efforts: audience proximity, employer branding and attractiveness for business partners.

In the years ahead, we will regularly reassess whether we need to add any new issues to reflect changing business priorities, market conditions or global trends.    

Relevance matrix


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