Statement from the CEO

I would like to start by pointing out the close relationship between Corporate Responsibility and my strategic themes for RTL Group, which are Creativity, Consumers, Technology and Talent. Or C-C-T-T.

Leadership in CREATIVITY requires a culture guided by freedom of expression and editorial independence. Ensuring high editorial standards and journalistic independence are at the very heart of RTL Group. In addition, creative talent for our many different businesses in the Total Video universe is important for us. This means recruiting people from a wide variety of backgrounds, including independent thinkers and go-getters. Clearly there is a big overlap between creativity and diversity.

As for CONSUMERS, we can only be close to them if we put their wishes and concerns first – issues such as the integrity of our news and protection of children. So, our editors act independently of senior management and free from political or financial influence. And they do their job with responsibility and diligence, as expressed in our Newsroom Guidelines. This is one of our key assets, especially in times of fake news. What’s more, it is important we reflect the diversity of our society and consumer base with great care, both on and off screen. Of course, we can also use our reach and profile to make a difference for people in need – particularly children.

TECHNOLOGY is the main driver of change in our sector. But aside from using our technical skills to grow our business, we put technology to work to support our commitment to responsibility. We use it to protect minors, consumers’ personal data, or brand integrity for our advertising clients, or to protect the intellectual property rights of our creatives and partners. Technology is as vital to our integrity as it is to our growth.

With TALENT, we will always strive to be the employer or partner of choice – whether for journalists, actors, writers, techies or young video talent. When people apply to work for us, we select on merit. And once someone starts, we ensure they receive fair recognition, treatment and working conditions, alongside opportunities for career development.

Above all, RTL Group is an opinion former and information provider for millions of people. We are aware that this position comes with great responsibility. And by preferring concrete action on CR to theoretical concepts, we manage that responsibility – while providing news and entertainment, and creating business value. In other words: CR done ‘the RTL way’.

You can read all about these principles, with examples from the year, in the RTL Group CR Report. Noteworthy achievements in 2017 include our vital and expanding process for the verification of user-generated content, the publication of our latest diversity figures, including setting targets for 2025, the updating of our RTL Group Newsroom Guidelines, and our new international trainee programme, aimed at young digital talent.

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