Climate change

At RTL Group, we feel it’s important to combine our business success with responsible action towards environmental protection. We aim for the prudent use of natural resources in all our operations, looking to minimise any adverse environmental impact, over and above complying with regulations.

As a service provider and a broadcaster, we are not a major polluter, but nevertheless, we want to minimise our CO2 emissions to the largest extent possible. Energy consumption is responsible for the largest proportion of our greenhouse gas emissions. Therefore, since 2008, RTL Group has measured and published its carbon footprint every two years, and annually since 2015. We analyse collected data in depth, with the help of the Bertelsmann be green team.

After successfully achieving a prior emissions reduction target and further progress the Group announced at the beginning of 2020 that it will become carbon neutral by 2030.

RTL Group discloses its carbon footprint information, which has followed the GRI international reporting standard. You can find the results of the 2020 assessment below.

RTL Group strives to conserve natural resources and to minimise its impact on the environment and the earth’s climate. Here you can see some of the things we’ve been doing with regards to environmental protection:

Environmental Matters Downloads

Environmental Matters News

Active for the environment

Ozon is UFA X's new funk format to campaign for environmental protection. Ozon is the name of the new interactive format from funk, available on Instagram and, that covers every aspect of environmental protection and sustainability. Read more.

Mobility Action Day

On Wednesday, 17 April 2019, RTL Deutschland's Environmental Working Group organised a Mobility Action Day for  employees. Read more.

UFA Green Team

The UFA Green Team is an open employee initiative founded in early 2014. Starting with the question of what can be done at UFA to improve the life cycle assessment, the team initially focused on the key issues of ‘mobility’ and ‘resources’. Read more.

Science meets YouTube

On Earth Overshoot Day, WWF Germany and Mesh Collective, the education initiative run by the UFA label UFA X, will be teaming up with YouTubers, scientists and young environmental activists to launch the #EarthOvershootDay campaign about living within our planet's limits. Read more.

A day for the environment

On 10 March 2018, RTL Hungary organised a CSR day in the main hall of its headquarters. Several organisations participated in the event including WWF, Greenpeace and GreenGo. Many of them fight for environment protection and animal rights. The CSR day attracted many employees who were eager to learn more about environmental awareness, how to protect the planet and save animals. Read more.