Say yes… to ‘my #partofRTL’

18.12.2017, Luxembourg, RTL Group

In 2017, employees across the world embraced our new mission statement by participating in our #partofRTL campaign. Now we invite you to reflect on our corporate culture, which will take RTL Group to ‘the next level up’. Take part in our new campaign ‘my #partofRTL’.  

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Our mission statement expresses our ambition “to shape the media world across broadcast, content and digital” and “build inspiring environments where creative and pioneering spirits can thrive.” To remain leaders in innovation, we have to stay hungry – hungry for the next big thing: the next big programme hit, the next feature consumers love, the next journalistic scoop, the next acquisition, the next breakthrough in advertising sales and technology.

To achieve these ambitious goals, there is a key success factor –reinvigorating the famous RTL pioneering spirit that’s shaken things up again and again. With your help, my #partofRTL will do just that.

What is my #partofRTL?

Through this entertaining new campaign, we’re inviting colleagues across the Group to share what inspires them:  

  • Which mindset is – or should be – #partofRTL
  • Which culture do we need to foster to take our Group to the next level?

How can you play a role?

We invite you to:

  • Share with us a quote, commercial, photo or even a dialogue from a film or TV series... something that inspires you, that you think should be #partofRTL
  • Include it in a short video along with a description of why it’s important to you – just get creative! If you prefer, you can send your inspiration just as a picture, presentation or GIF – whatever works for you.

Setting the scene…

Our Co-CEO, Guillaume de Posch, kick-started the campaign by selecting and sharing this quote about the power of saying ‘yes’:

Take up the challenge!

Join us reinvigorate RTL Group’s pioneering spirit by challenging your colleagues and inviting them to share their source of inspiration. Watch the video above to see who our Co-CEO nominates next to say what drives them. 

How to participate?

Email your inspiration to

Remember to include your contact details – your full name, position, email address and company – with your entry!

What’s in it for me?

Everyone who takes part will receive a surprise gift.

Participating entries will be shared on our platforms, including Backstage.

Most importantly, you’re contributing to our Group’s future, in a fun and entertaining way – so get thinking!


From now until 31 March 2018

Objective: Be as creative as you can – it’s our corporate culture!

MY #partofRTL with Guillaume de Posch

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