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14.12.2018, Luxembourg, RTL Group

RTL Group launches its ‘Factory – Filtering Fakes From Facts’ initiative

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In a world where fake news seems to be everywhere, RTL Group bears a big responsibility in educating people on how to use media and acquire credible information. That’s why we are launching our Group-wide initiative ‘Factory – Filtering Fakes From Facts’. Find out what it’s about and how you can help change tomorrow’s perception of the media.

What is it about?

Factory is a creative innovation challenge aimed at talents from all disciplines and all RTL Group business units who are interested in the challenges of online disinformation and who want to engage in improving the media literacy skills of young news consumers. With a virtual training programme and a hackathon, participants will be supported in developing new digital products and services in the field of media and digital literacy in an international setting. For Factory, RTL Group will use, for the first time, the agile methods of design thinking and the organisation of a hackathon for collaboration across divisions.

Factory is under the patronage of the RTL Group News Synergy Committee (SyCo) which consists of heads of news and other senior news executives who exchange knowledge and collaborate on all forms of information programmes. The News SyCo supported the project development of Factory in terms of content and organisation.

Why is it important?

Bert Habets © Ramon Haindl

Bert Habets, CEO of RTL Group, highlights: “Truthful and impartial reporting is at the heart of what we do at RTL Group. And it becomes more important day by day, as we all face the massive growth of online disinformation. Tackling this huge problem and promoting media literacy calls for new digital solutions. This is exactly what we are aiming for with our Group-wide innovation challenge ‘Factory – Filtering Fakes from Facts’. It is a fantastic initiative which also brings together some of our key priorities: fostering collaboration across our Group, pushing for new training programmes and giving our talent what they want: the freedom to create.”

Every day, news organisations across RTL Group invest time, resources and a lot of energy in providing reliable and quality information to their audiences. However, news sources are more diverse and more accessible than ever before. On the internet, anyone can be a news provider regardless of their intentions. Disinformation and the consequent polarisation of society is dramatically rising – one of the reasons is the lack of a critical mindset when consuming information on social media or when news recommendations come from friends.

At RTL Group we believe our role as a media organisation goes beyond commitment to responsible reporting – we can be part of the solution for tackling disinformation and creating a generation of informed news consumers. With our Factory innovation challenge we want to connect our talents across the Group and foster innovation in the field of media and digital literacy. 

How does it work?

The Factory innovation challenge consists of a virtual training programme, a two-day hackathon in spring 2019 and a lot of RTL Group team spirit!

  • If you want to join the Factory innovation challenge just fill in the registration form here by 18 January 2019.
  • Over four sessions the virtual training programme teaches product development skills and design thinking methods and will allow participants to interact with each other and the moderators, and delve into the topic with video podcasts, further reading material and assignments.
  • During the virtual training, participants will develop their own ideas of a media literacy consumer product. These ideas will be submitted after completion of the virtual training by 17 March 2019 and five ideas will be selected by the virtual training participants and the jury to be worked on in the hackathon.
  • The hackathon will take place on 29 and 30 April 2019 at Bertelsmann Unter den Linden 1 in Berlin, Germany. The winning idea from the hackathon will be selected by the Factory jury.

More information on our Backstage weekly newsletter https://readymag.com/RTLGroup/2018-Week50-Backstage-WeeklyNewsletter/ and on https://backstage.rtlgroup.com/en/rtl-group/join-the-action/factory--filtering-fakes-from.cfm

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