More women to the top!

08.03.2018, Luxembourg, RTL Group

Every year on 8 March we celebrate UN International Women’s Day. To mark the occasion, RTL Group is publishing diversity targets for its general management for the first time.

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RTL Group’s long-term ambition is for women and men to be equally represented across all management positions. As intermediate step, RTL Group has set the following quantitative target for 2025:

RTL Group aims to increase the proportion of women in top and senior management positions to at least 30 per cent by 2025.
(2017: 22 per cent)
Bert Habets, CEO of RTL Group, says: “Promoting our best talent early on, building an environment where creative and pioneering spirits can thrive – this open-minded culture is vital for the success of RTL Group. As currently only 22 per cent of top managers in the Group are female, the need for action is quite obvious. Setting a target is a first step to underline that we are also determined to take action.”

Berts Habets and Francesco Costadura © Ramon Haindl / Jean-Michel Clajot

Francesco Costadura, Executive Vice President Human Resources of RTL Group, says: “Diversity in its various facets, among others gender diversity, is an important element of our HR strategy, as it nourishes creativity and helps our organisation to be responsive and adaptive to an ever more complex and fast-moving environment. Our new gender diversity targets help us keep our eye on the ball and track our progress.”



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