Active for the environment

10.04.2019, Germany, We Are Era

Ozon is UFA X's new funk format to campaign for environmental protection.

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Ozon is the name of the new interactive format from funk, available right now on Instagram and, that covers every aspect of environmental protection and sustainability. The contents have celebrity backing from social influencers Fabian Grischkat and Pia Kraftfutter and environmental activist Jakob Blasel, a co-organiser of the Fridays For Future movement. As hosts of the Instagram channel @ozon, they engage with users, offering practical tips and tricks that are easy to fit into everyday life and designed to help protect the environment and get people making a practical contribution themselves. Ozon was developed and is being produced by Mesh Collective and UFA X, the digital studio run by Divimove.

Under the slogan #BreakingBadHabits, during its first week the Instagram format will focus on the question of how to drop everyday habits that are bad for the environment and very quickly start making a very personal contribution to a greener environment. Using practical information, simple tips, entertaining quizzes, do-it-yourself ideas and exciting experiments for users to conduct, Ozon will endeavour to turn people from passive to active environmentalists. Users will be presented with different content in the classical feed, in the Stories function and on IGTV.

"It isn't true that there's nothing individuals can do to combat climate change. It always takes someone to set the ball rolling by recognising problems, taking action and motivating others to get involved. That is how, together, we can step up the pressure on decision-makers. Accordingly, Ozon will not only provide concise information on sustainability issues, but also inspire and motivate young people to become actively involved," explains Amanda Brennan, Editor-in-Chief of Mesh Collective.