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17.04.2019, Luxembourg, RTL Group

Following on from 2016, 2019 is again another survey year for RTL Group employees. The Employee Survey will run from 3 to 17 June.

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RTL Group employees from around the world will have a two-week window to anonymously express their opinions regarding their working environment. In preparation we would like to invite you to be an ambassador and tell  your colleagues why it is important to participate in this survey. Simply tell us what the Employee Survey means for you in an easy and visual way.

Curious to know how, read on.

To prepare for the upcoming survey we are launching a Backstage campaign to get everyone in the mood to – Take part! Take action! We want YOU to be involved and become an ambassador, so tell us and your colleagues ‘What does the Employee Survey mean to you?’ ‘Why it is important for you for everyone to participate’.

As we know that your time is valuable, we have prepared some templates that you can download here with some key words that you may want to use.

How does it work?

Step 1: See which key words inspire you and reflect what you think of the Employee Survey, such as ‘Open discussion’ or ‘Development’ etc. We have created some templates and if you want to get extra creative, you can combine words together with your colleagues – make your own sentences like ‘Building’ & ‘our future.’ There will also be blank templates, so you can write your own word(s) or you can send us an email and we can prepare some key words for you.
Step 2: Snap a picture of you with your chosen template (like in the photo example).

Our colleagues from HR at RTL Group: Karine & Raffaele

Step 3: Send your pictures to Backstage*  by 17 May and at the end of the campaign you will be featured in our Employee Survey promo video and visuals. The more participants we have from all business units and from all levels, the more relevant the campaign will be. This means we need everyone to get involved!
Download the template here.


Other information about the Employee Survey

A number of things have changed this year, going forward the survey will take place every two years. This year will see a new streamlined version with questions reduced from 78 to 41, taking only 10 minutes of your time to participate. The survey has also been optimised for mobile end devices for added convenience.

There are also some new participants, for Groupe M6, Divimove and United Screens this year will be their first Group employee survey. We particularly welcome their participation in the campaign and survey to provide their fresh opinions and points of view.

Backstage looks forward to seeing you all participate by showing the importance of the Employee Survey in words and pictures and even videos – feel free and show us what you got!


*In accordance with Information on personal data pursuant to Article 13 of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (EU-GDPR): When you submit a photograph or video clip (data) to the corporate Communications and Marketing Department of RTL Group S.A. with their registered office at 43, boulevard Pierre Frieden, L-1543 Luxembourg, you agree to have said photos and video clips published on the intranet website, company social media accounts (if applicable) and to be used for associated communication purposes. Pictures and video clips will be stored for as long as the company continues to exist or until a lodged objection has been upheld. If you believe that the processing of your data violates data protection legislation or that your data protection rights have otherwise been breached in any way, you may lodge a complaint with the data protection authority. For more information about your rights, please consult the general terms and conditions about the data protection of employees.

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