Welcome to a new and revamped Backstage!

08.05.2019, Luxembourg, RTL Group

New Colour, New Content, New Look, New Feel…New Backstage!

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We believe RTL Group is Better Together. Whilst we have adapted to the colour of RTL Group and refreshed our look, our core mission remains always the same, bringing you the latest stories from across the Group, connecting you with your RTL colleagues around the world, showcasing our diversity and ultimately sharing knowledge.

New look and feel…Why?

The Backstage revamp represents a closer visual alignment across our platforms, we have adopted the iconic brand-defining RTL red which also reflects our overarching mission Entertain. Inform. Engage. As our employees YOU are our most important audience!

Above all, we are an entertainment company, so we have introduced new and fun editorial formats to Entertain you.

We are still very much news driven, gathering stories from our colleagues all over the world to Inform you.

We are upping our social media presence; you can now find Instagram embedded on Backstage and easily follow our well-known hashtags like #PartofRTL to Engage with you.

Today we relaunch Backstage – be part of it and GoBackstage with us! The new look and feel brings you the same elements of surprise you find in our daily newsletter.

New Content…What?

To keep you interested and amused, further editorial content will be rolled out throughout the year, but we can already share with you some of our newly launched formats which accompany your Backstage newsletter for the upcoming months!


  • Presenting Viral Mondays – They say a picture is worth a thousand words, a video is worth even more! Which videos from across the Group racked up the views? Find out on Backstage!
  • Presenting Tech talk Ever wondered what all the tech jargon really means? We bring you a kind of ‘tech for dummies’, a new segment to break down all those long-winded abbreviations into simple and understandable language for everyone to understand. Techies from across the group will share their wisdom with us, so you can distinguish your OTTs from your DTTs.
  • Presenting Have you met my colleague? Do you have a great colleague you want to shine the spotlight on? Share their story with us in the new segment. Questions from their favourite breakfast cereal right down to their career path, we’ll be getting insights into employees from all ages, hierarchies and locations across RTL Group. First things first, get to know the Backstage team: Adrienne presents her colleague Christelle.  
  • Presenting Throwback Thursday – What was Edith Piaf’s favourite hobby apart from singing and what would it have to do with the history of RTL Group? Find out in our first Throwback Thursday!
  • Presenting Cliché check – Are the French really obsessed with baguettes? Are the Germans really the most time-efficient? We take a look at the clichés across all the many nationalities in RTL Group, let’s celebrate our differences in a fun and light-hearted way. Working in a truly international environment, we are lucky to learn about other cultures, languages and traditions – embrace the diversity!

Backstage Roadshow

We have rolled out the red carpet for you (literally) and invite you to mark the occasion and GoBackstage with us!

You will find a mix of giveaways, sweet treats, and there may even be some paparazzi for some candid snaps – First stop: RTL City Luxembourg!

Be a Backstage VIP and share your selfie with #wegobackstage for additional prizes!


We hope you enjoy YOUR new Backstage, we look forward to all the collaborations and contributions to come!

RTL Group is Better Together

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