Letter from Thomas Rabe and Elmar Heggen

03.06.2019, Luxembourg, RTL Group

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Dear colleagues,

Today, the 2019 Employee Survey begins. In over 300 companies in 40 countries, more than 60,000 employees around the world – including you – are invited to give your opinions. We’d like to encourage you to participate in the survey by the 17 June deadline. It is and will remain an important instrument for shaping Bertelsmann and RTL Group. A high participation rate reinforces the importance of the Employee Survey and the relevance of its results.

Coming a few weeks after the presentation and introduction of our new Essentials – Creativity and Entrepreneurship – this year’s Employee Survey has a special role. It is a stocktaking of the degree to which creativity and entrepreneurship are already being put into action at Bertelsmann, with much to do ahead. For the Essentials will only be able to develop their potential if they are brought to life in all companies and at all levels.

The 2019 Employee Survey is the sixth at an international level, and the eleventh in Bertelsmann’s history. That’s an impressive tradition. And yet, the survey has kept changing along with the company. Given Bertelsmann’s transformation in recent years, this version is no exception. The current survey features three major innovations:

First, we have shortened the survey frequency from three years to two, to receive more regular and up-to-date feedback from you, and to be able to respond more quickly. Second, the entire survey – from questionnaire to results reports – takes place exclusively online. This means that all employees can submit their opinions via computer, tablet, or smartphone. Third, in comparison to the last survey, the questionnaire has been distilled down to the most important questions about your specific working environment, the collaboration with your managers and your team, and the topics of “appreciation” and “learning culture.”

What hasn’t changed is that your answers to the survey will be kept completely anonymous. And, as ever, we assure you that we will take the results of the 2019 Employee Survey very seriously. We will derive actions from the results and keep you informed about their implementation. To make certain you know that taking part in the Employee Survey is well worthwhile – for Bertelsmann, for RTL Group, and for each and every one of us.

In this spirit, we call on you to take part! Take action to help shape the future of Bertelsmann!

With kind regards,


Thomas Rabe                                                            Elmar Heggen

CEO of Bertelsmann                                                 CFO and Deputy CEO of RTL Group
CEO of RTL Group                                                   

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