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03.06.2019, Luxembourg, RTL Group

On 3 June 2019, RTL Group employees from around the world received their access codes, enabling them to participate in the Employee Survey 2019. The survey has now been extended until 26 June 2019. 

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If the email containing your access code is ‘lost’ or deleted there will be no new invitation – Do not accidentally delete!

The survey is an important instrument, as it gives the opportunity to employees to share their opinion on important aspects of their professional life and therefore contribute to further improving their working conditions and environment. Every vote counts, as a high participation rate reinforces the relevance of the Employee Survey results.

Francesco Costadura RTL Group’s Executive Vice President HR

Francesco Costadura, EVP Human Resources of RTL Group, says: “For all of us across RTL Group the Employee Survey is a great tool to engage in a conversation on how we can jointly continue to improve our working conditions. In 2016, 84.4 per cent of our colleagues from across the globe got involved in the survey, and I hope to see the same strong participation this time around. As far as participating Business Units are concerned, we are happy to welcome Groupe M6, Divimove and United Screens, joining the Group Employee Survey for the first time. We are keen to receive their fresh opinions and points of view.”

The Employee Survey 2019 comes with a few innovations, namely that employees can submit their opinions not only via desktop, but also now via tablet, or smartphone. Moreover, the frequency of the survey has been shortened from three years down to two, to allow for more regular and up-to-date feedback. This year will also see a new streamlined version of the questionnaire, with questions cut from 78 to 41, reducing the time to answer the questionnaire to an estimated 10 minutes. 

For those of you who will be participating in the survey for the first time, Backstage has collected key information in the section 'Take Part! Take Action!'  ; there you can find the answers to most of the questions you may have, such as: “How do I obtain a questionnaire and how do I complete it? How is the anonymity of the results guaranteed?”

For any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact your company’s Employee Survey Representative. You can find the contact of your Employee Survey Representative here.

As the information on the Employee Survey pages is addressed only to RTL Group employees, your Backstage login password will be required when you access them. If you don’t have yet your Backstage login password, please click here to register. Click here if you are already registered and have forgotten your password.

If you have any problems with registering on Backstage, do not hesitate to contact the Backstage team: backstage@rtlgroup.com

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