Diversity is our daily business!

26.06.2019, Germany, UFA

UFA and Arvato Systems take part in the CSD Parade in Cologne with their own float.

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This year, UFA and Arvato Systems are taking part in the Christopher Street Day Parade (CSD) in Cologne on 7 July with their own float. Through this initiative the two Bertelsmann companies want to show their support for equal rights and acceptance for gay men, lesbians, bi-sexuals, transsexuals, transgenders and intersexuals. Arvato Systems and UFA have joined together under the banner of “Diversity is our daily business!” to take a stand for diversity and equal opportunities through their participation in the CSD Parade.

Nico Hofmann © UFA

Nico Hofmann, CEO UFA: “By taking part in the CSD Parade again, we are once more demonstrating that diversity and equal rights are very much part of the UFA value system. Employee diversity is our strongest asset and inspires us as we go about our daily business. We are therefore committed to a non-discriminatory working environment where everyone can be the way they want to be. As a producer, we are ultimately responsible for ensuring that the LGBTIQ community gets more visibility in front of and behind the camera and that there is actual diversity without any clichés. I am delighted that Arvato Systems is on board with us again this year to make a joint commitment to such an important issue.”

Matthias Moeller

Matthias Moeller, CEO Arvato Systems Group: “As an innovative company, we need to encourage strong personalities here at Arvato Systems. Motivation, creativity and commitment are what set our employees apart. This means that everyone needs to be able to develop with as much freedom as possible. I am pleased and proud that Bertelsmann’s corporate values represent that very thing. And that’s why we wave the flag for diversity at the CSD Parade and take a clear stance – along with lots of fun and colour with our UFA colleagues.”

And the CSD float isn’t the only way we demonstrate. Lots of colleagues from both companies run along with the parade, too. And the Bertelsmann employee network be.queer also has its own information stand on the Alter Markt market place in Cologne, where anyone who’s interested can find out more about the various Bertelsmann divisions and their commitment to LGBTIQ employees.

Participation in CSD in Cologne is jointly organised between the internal UFA employee network be.queer@UFA and Arvato Systems employees.

UFA took part in last year‘s CSD Parade with its own float and – just like Arvato Systems – is actively committed as part of be.queer. be.queer is the first cross-departmental employee network at Bertelsmann to explicitly promote an open working environment for all employees – irrespective of their sexual identity or orientation. UFA and its various units joined the network two years ago and set up their own be.queer@UFA team. The team has set itself the goal of promoting diversity within UFA and taking a clear stance towards the outside world.

Every year on Christopher Street Day (CSD), men and women celebrate and demonstrate for same-sex love, equal rights, for freedom and against discrimination and harassment, as they are still the norm in a number of countries. CSD is an annual two-week programme of events in and around Cologne. The highlight is the Christopher Street Day street party from 5 to 7 July, ending with a parade through Cologne city centre.

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