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30.04.2020, Germany, UFA

UFA signs the Prout at Work Foundation’s “Position Paper Against Discrimination in Blood Donation”

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UFA supports discrimination-free working environments and actively promotes equal opportunities for the LGBT*IQ community. Companies bear a social responsibility and fulfill it in a variety of ways. For many of them, supporting blood donations is one of these ways - because donating blood saves lives.

When it comes to donor selection, the guideline of the German Medical Association on the collection of blood and blood components and the use of blood products (the “Guideline on Haemotherapy”) are applied. Yet this document is in contradiction with the goal of providing employees with a non-discriminatory environment.

In accordance with the Guideline on Haemotherapy, groups of persons whose sexual behaviour carries a significantly increased risk of transmitting serious infectious disease via the blood are suspended from donating blood for 12 months after their last sexual encounter. This regulation applies notably to men who have sexual intercourse with men and, despite an amendment to the directives in 2017, will result in homo- and bisexual men and trans* persons being almost completely denied the possibility of donating blood.

Nico Hofman © marcus höhn

Nico Hofmann, UFA CEO: “The existing directive deals a severe blow to any form of equality, for which people have been campaigning more visibly for years in all areas of diversity - including UFA's managing directors* and employees. We would like to see new dialogue emerge between the German Medical Association and its participating institutions. The goal must be a new haemotherapy guideline”.

Joachim Kosack

Joachim Kosack, Managing Director of UFA GmbH and UFA Serial Drama: “Anti-discrimination in any form is an absolute priority for a socially and politically active and responsible company like UFA. In its own programmes as well as towards all employees behind the camera and in the offices. It is a matter of securing equality and dignity for all, regardless of their gender, origin, beliefs or limitations. At UFA, we have already visibly initiated and implemented measures for a working environment free of discrimination and fear. They set out how we want to work with each other and form an unexceptional prerequisite for any kind of creativity.

More about Prout at Work: Since 2006, LGBT*IQ employee communities have been actively engaged in professionalising their networking within their respective companies through mutual exchange. Through this action, they support lesbians, gays, bisexuals, transgender, intersexual and queer people at work. Because sexual orientation and gender identity have relevance in the workplace, the networks with Prout at Work make LGBT*IQ issues visible and tangible in the workplace and thus help them become a matter of course.

Read Prout at Work Foundation‘s position paper here
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