Like Me – I’m Famous

07.08.2020, Germany, TV Now

The new TV Now original demonstrates who can be convincing, not only on social media, but also in real life.

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It's open season now in the hunt for 'likes'. Yet a pretty picture is definitely not enough here. In the new TV Now original Like Me Im Famous, ten stars need to shine without the benefit of filters and far away from social media.

© Mediengruppe RTL Deutschland

For their mission, the likes of princess Helena Fürst, reality starlet Sarah Knappik, jungle queen Melanie Müller, Bachelorette participants Filip Pavlović and Yasin Cilingir and Dijana Cvijetic from Love Island move together into a luxurious villa. Also, Der Mann Aurelio Savina, the party pope of Lloret de Mar Don Francis, hit song starlet Juana Princess and Köln 50667 star Alexander Molz are all intent on scaling the popularity ladder right to the top in Rösrath, otherwise a rather tranquil place. 

Tears, betrayal, psychological games - it will all be on the menu when the fight for 'likes' gets going. Because all the celebrities on Like Me Im Famous have the same aim: they all want to be the most popular and get the most 'likes'. At the end of each episode, they all award each other 'likes' - and who gets the fewest is out. But there is hope, even for the less popular reality starlets: extra 'likes' can be played for in fame games and can even be bought from other competitors! What's needed is strategy, charm and a fighting spirit. Who sticks to deals already made and who always looks out for number one? The beaming victor leaves the house at the end, not only as the most popular celebrity, but also with a cash prize - but quite how big it is, depends on their negotiating skills. 

TV Now is screening a total of eight episodes of Like Me Im Famous from 11 August 2020 - always on Tuesdays. The show is produced by RTL Studios as a co-development with the Format Creation Group. 

Like me — I’m Famous is the first format of the Format Creation Group (FC Group) to be broadcast. Backstage met Matthias Scholten, its Managing Director, to provide you with insider information on how the show came to life. The name of the format is a reference to David Guetta, but also to social media.

Matthias Scholten © William Rutten

“The concept was born when a member of the team said: ‘Why don’t we let them rank themselves’. This is something that all people do these days. Everyone can feel the tension when they post something on Instagram – even if you’re not a celebrity you get happy when you receive a lot of likes, even from your friends and family. Each single ‘like’ is a sort of dopamine kick reward. The show is a fight for likes, as in real life,” Matthias Scholten explains.
“It’s really interesting to see how the contestants behave – are they team players or are they manipulators. What kind of player are they? How far will they go for a like from someone else? It’s a ‘how would you behave’ show, where outspoken people we all know show their real faces – or not.”

The FC Group always works in close collaboration with its stakeholders: “Broadcasters have a lot of ideas themselves, and in this case Mediengruppe RTL Deutschland was looking for a show including celebrities, but with no dating,” Matthias Scholten says.

Some fun facts you should know about Like me – I’m famous

  • It was first supposed to be called “Star Castle”, but because of the Covid-19 pandemic, the show couldn’t be produced in a castle
  • The new and final title doesn’t only refer to social media, but also to David Guetta’s music and events of a close name

What the FC Group is working now:

The FC Group has several new formats cooking, and Matthias left us with some hints. Here are some things you can expect to find in future formats – of course we all mixed it up to let you guess what the concepts could be:

  • A former porn star debunks the porn industry;
  • A search for mental and physical breakpoint of the participants;
  • A show that will make you smarter;
  • Some discussions on how to handle a romantic relationship;
  • A show on burnout and depression;
  • A family entertainment;
  • Some advice on how to handle stepping out of your comfort zone;
  • Light entertainment that still, somehow, educates the audience.

“We want to make light entertainment and educate, while staying attractive and appealing at the same time, to let the viewers feel ‘there’s something in it for me’. It is always a search for balance.”

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