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03.02.2020, Germany, JAM FM

We need more tolerance and acceptance! The LGBTIQ week on 93.6 Jam FM.

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John, Rasheed and Jacky Oh Weinhaus

In their John&Rasheed Show, presenters Rasheed Moka and John von Gruner launched a special week on the Berlin-based youth station 93,6 Jam FM running from 20 to 25 January 2020. This week was not only long overdue in the media but also seen by the two presenters as absolutely essential. The LGBTIQ week!

The two presenters had lots of questions for each other. Who are these transgender, intersex, pansexual, queer and non-binary people, who are an integral part of our society and yet exist far removed from the perception of many?

They wanted to discover who is what, who would like to be what and especially who is allowed to be what! In pursuit of this, they invited one person each day to represent a different letter from the famous acronym LGBTIQ - which stands for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, transexual, intersex and queer.

The presenters wanted to discover who the people are, how they think, how they saw themselves and their personalities and how they regarded today's society. They learnt where to find the source of the terms bent and trans, what far-reaching consequences a gender operation has for intersex children, what hidden obstacles are present when 'coming out' inside and outside the family and what successes these people celebrated on their route to self-acceptance. This was their task then - to achieve tolerance and acceptance and to learn from each other through sharing.

To bring their guests, their varied genders and stories out into the world, the radio station used the Jam FM Instagram account, the hashtag #IntoleranzIstSchwul/IntoleranceIsBent, the YouTube channel Radio Jam FM for live streaming and the Jam FM website for portraits of the guests. Catch up listening is also catered for. You can hear the broadcasts again as of now on the Audio Now platform under the 'Wusstest Du' label from John and Rasheed.

The team were fortunate to recruit Jacky-Oh Weinhaus as the overall patron of the themed week. With her drag act, she not only delights Berlin's night clubs but also found a way of giving the radio station the week's indelible slogan -  Intolerance is bent!

Jacky-Oh Weinhaus: "Once upon a time, some not terribly bright person actually thought it would be absolutely fabulous to turn a sexual identity into an insult. But now we like to turn the tables by taking the word 'bent' and giving it new power with the slogan - Intolerance is bent!

The broadcasts got a great audience response. Many people used the numerous channels to get in touch with the guest speakers in the broadcasts to share their own personal experiences.

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