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08.01.2021, France, Groupe M6

Building on the success of the first edition, Groupe M6 plans a new “Green Week”.

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The climate and the environment are more than ever at the centre of discussion, and are furthermore a leading concern for the French. Groupe M6 is showing its engagement once again, with a thematic week to awaken minds, inform and call attention to the possible consequences of human behaviour on the future.

From 24 to 31 January 2021, the channels and stations of Groupe M6 (M6, RTL, W9, 6ter, Gulli, Téva) will offer the public more than 60 hours of programming about ecology and the environment. The line-up is set to include feature reports, films, information and entertainment. That week's big event will be the exclusive broadcast on M6 of the film Legacy, our heritage directed by Yann Arthus Bertrand, a French environmentalist, activist and journalist. A personal production in which the director tells the story of Man and nature, borne by a sensitive and radical perspective on our world. Thanks to a partnership between M6 and the French Ministry of Education, the documentary will also be shown in some high schools.

Other formats to be broadcast during the Green Week include, among others, special editions of E=M6, Scènes de Ménage (Kerfuffles), Les Grosses Têtes (The Big Heads), green focus in the news formats Le 12:45 and Le 19:45, but also kids formats and films or a show on how to ‘batch cook’.

Beyond “Green Week”, Groupe M6 is engaged throughout the year to raise the awareness of citizens about issues relating to our planet and the protection of its ecosystems. It has announced that this will be communicated in a “lasting and eco-responsible” way, and will be conveyed by multiple programmes. The employees will also, once again this year, have the opportunity to engage by dedicating their working time to actions in favour of the environment.

Last year, the Green Week attracted 29 millions people

Watch the Green Week teaser video

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