A princess looking for a princess

19.04.2021, Germany, RTL Deutschland

Meet Irina Schlauch, the first woman to search for the love of her life in the lesbian TV Now dating show Princess Charming

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Irina Schlauch, a 30-year-old lawyer living in Cologne, will search for her true love in Princess Charming when the show airs on TV Now in spring 2021. Find out more in a short interview with the first Princess Charming.

Irina Schlauch Foto: TVNOW / René Lohse

“I’m 30 and single. Time for find the girl of my dreams!” says Irina Schlauch.

For Irina character is key in a woman. Especially self-confidence and humour. She came out when she was 23, and everything went well without complications. “I was brought up to be very tolerant, so I knew that this would not be an issue for my family. I’m very grateful for that,” says Irina. She has a great relationship with her parents and twin sister. Tolerance and trust are especially important to her in a relationship. Irina had her first relationship with a man at the age of 17. The following ones were exclusively with women. She likes sports where she has a board under her feet, such as snowboarding, wakeboarding and surfing. She was a fan of Prince Charming from the very beginning. Irina was so emotionally taken by the show that she decided she wanted to take part in Princess Charming herself.

Irina, how does it feel to be the first Princess Charming?
It’s not really sunk in yet. I think it will when I stand in front of the 20 women. I feel very honoured to be the first Princess. I have a lot of respect for this role. At the moment, however, the anticipation of what is to come prevails, and I think you have to grow into it a bit. I’m definitely ready!

Why do you think it is important that there is now Princess Charming?
I’m aware that we lesbians are only a small part of a big and colourful community. This is why reason I’m even more pleased that we now have the opportunity to show ourselves –and that we are simply cool women, no more, no less. For me, it’s natural to be a woman who likes women, but for many homosexuality is not yet normality. Prince Charming was a good pioneer there. The more diversity that is shown on TV and streaming, the more normal it becomes for people. Everyone should be able to show themselves as they are. In addition, there are also women who cannot yet accept that they are into women, and I believe that we can encourage some women to accept themselves and their sexual orientation.

What will be your biggest challenge as Princess?
The biggest challenge will be to get to know all the women in a short time and also to give the women a chance to get to know me. It’s one thing for me to find someone who suits me, but the women also have to find out whether I suit them. The only way to do that is to spend a lot of time together. Besides, every woman has a different character. A woman might be too shy to approach me. Then it’s up to me to take a step towards her.

How do you prepare for the large number of dates with all the love candidates?
I’ve never had that before, so I don’t know and will just see what happens. There is no catalogue that I can work through and I look forward to meeting each and every one of them. Everything else will come about on its own. I am curious to see who will blow me away with who they are.

Do you like to make the first move, or would you rather be the object of desire?
Both. I like to flirt and can also be the one who makes the first moves if I want to. But I also like it when a woman is confident enough to show me that she likes me. I think I will be in the role of make the first moves, just like the other women.

TV Now and Seapoint are the first in the world to produce the Princess Charming format. The new show is a spin-off of ViacomCBS International Studios Distribution’s original format Finding Prince Charming.