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20.01.2021, Germany/Luxembourg, RTL Group

New year means new challenges. Find out how some colleagues in the Group are staying healthy in body and mind with company initiatives. 

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Let’s move on!

Mediengruppe RTL Deutschland launched the new round of its Fitness Digital initiative on 5 January, where the trainers Beate, Philipp and Alex are offering holistic workouts via Microsoft Teams as a part of WIR Gemeinsam (We together).

Many Mediengruppe RTL Deutschland employees joined the daily fitness classes during the autumn, where they could work out with yoga sessions, strength training, flexibility, and endurance. After feedback to the People & Culture department and trainers, the training plan was adjusted to suit the employees’ needs, where mindfulness and anti-stress yoga has been introduced, as well as a full body workout and body in mind course.

Fitness Digital is open to all employees, and the sessions are designed for both beginner and intermediate levels. All that is needed is comfortable sports clothes, and possibly a mat.

Walk the walk and talk the talk

After nearly 12 months of working from home and virtual team meetings the Divimove team looked for a way to take a break from video calls and to spend more time together off screen. With the Divimove #WalknTalkChallenge the team is encouraged to replace video calls with phone calls, made even better by taking a walk outside and enjoying fresh air, meanwhile tracking the steps they take. The team aims to collectively ‘visit’ all local offices across Europe: a 7,500-kilometre walk. The challenge started at Divimove headquarters in Berlin in mid-January, and it only took a couple of days for the team to reach its first  way station, the Milan office. The next stages are Madrid, Paris, Amsterdam, Cologne, Copenhagen, and Stockholm.

Let’s move together!

RTL Belgium’s office has always been characterised by its various wellness initiatives, including a gym, personal trainer, shiatsu massage, and hockey. These initiatives have been disrupted in the recent months, as working from home has been the norm for many employees. Apart from the health benefits from playing sport, it has proved to be an excellent tool to bring employees together. To physically strengthen the team and boost team spirit, RTL Belgium launched the Let’s move together initiative offering virtual fitness courses.

"We try to cultivate a sporting dynamic within the company by offering virtual fitness courses so that all RTL Belgium staff can get together to play sport, thereby promoting a positive attitude," explains Laurent Maréchal, Building & Telecom officer and Mobility Coordinator.

Fred, the personal trainer at RTL Belgium, has adapted his courses and offers employees weekly live virtual body attack and circuit training classes to stay in shape.

To motivate the troops, an original, offbeat internal communications campaign was launched. "We were able to count on the participation of the RTL Belgium hosts who put on their jogging shoes to film five short, humorous videos on the theme ‘Put on your jogging shoes, you've got gym!’" explains Orélie Fallon, Corporate Communication Manager.  

Bougeons ensemble (Move together) from RTL Belgium

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