Going united

02.08.2021, Germany/Luxembourg, RTL Group

With the upcoming rollout of the new RTL brand identity at RTL Group, our daily newsletter and Group-wide intranet will undergo a gradual transformation.  

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The new identity and design for RTL is set to roll out at RTL Group (as previously reported) this week.  

RTL Group’s intranet (formerly known as Backstage) will therefore undergo a facelift to be in sync with the new branding. As of today, we are changing the look and feel of our daily newsletter and intranet, and will say goodbye to our long-standing Backstage branding. You will of course continue to  find all information about the Group and the latest news from our business units at backstage.rtlgroup.com. As always, we will continue to entertain, inform and inspire you on a daily basis, sharing news and stories from all corners of RTL.  

More to come 

Over the last couple of months, we have been working on a brand-new intranet to be rolled out across RTL Group. At the same time as the launch for all RTL Group employees, RTL Deutschland will roll out a new intranet for their employees, which is based on the same platform. Other business units will also have the opportunity to launch the platform at a later date. We are super excited about the roll out of the new intranet to all RTL employees across the world, and we will keep you updated on the upcoming launch. 

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Stay tuned!  

Your RTL Group news team