Employee Survey 2021: Positive results

16.09.2021, Luxembourg/Germany, RTL Group

Thomas Rabe, Elmar Heggen, Björn Bauer and Francesco Costadura present the findings of the Employee Survey 2021, which show positive results overall and improvements in comparison to the 2019 survey.

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Dear colleagues,

First of all, a big thank you to everyone who participated in the Employee Survey 2021. Thanks to your engagement and commitment, we were able to achieve a high response rate of 81 per cent within RTL Group, which corresponds to 7,795 respondents from 74 companies, 23 countries and in 11 different languages.

This high response rate allows us to receive meaningful results which will enable companies, teams and supervisors to jointly identify areas which may need change, and to engage in discussions aimed at developing improvement measures on both team and company levels. It is now up to all of us to take action together to further improve the way we work.

Overall, we have achieved higher scores across the board in comparison to the 2019 survey. The trend is upwards in many areas, particularly for CR-related topics, communication from Senior Management, engagement, or when it comes to supporting the company’s strategies – to name a few examples. Just like previous surveys, we continue to see a high level of identification and commitment across the Group. Please find a summary of the highlights below.

Only positive deviations compared to 2019

The results show only positive deviations in comparison to the 2019 results, with significant improvement in areas related to Corporate Responsibility topics. After we communicated our ambitious goal to reach climate neutrality by 2030 at the beginning of last year, 65 per cent of our colleagues now believe the company is committed to protecting the environment and climate – a significant increase of 14 points compared to 2019. And clearly, we want to improve further. Our employees also believe their company offers an inclusive work environment (up 9 points to 80 per cent) and believe they have the same opportunities, regardless of gender (up 7 points to 75 per cent).

Other large positive developments show that Senior Management notifies employees in a timely manner about important decisions and developments (up 13 points to 68 per cent), employees feel comfortable pointing out potential inadequacies (up 9 points to 71 per cent) and individuals feel appreciated in the company (also up 9 points to 68 per cent). In other words: in many areas where we identified a need for change, we can now see significant improvements.

Identification & Commitment is the strongest performance driver

Compared to the previous survey, the four identified performance drivers – Identification & Commitment, Alignment & Targets, Resources & Skills and Feedback & Reward – have all increased.

The results show that employees enjoy their work (88 per cent), are prepared to go the extra mile to contribute to the company’s success (94 per cent) and are given the opportunity to work independently (90 per cent). These three statements received the highest scores across the board.

When it comes to areas for potential improvement, the following two emerge: resources for developing new skills (scoring 57 per cent) and fair compensation which reflects performance and level of responsibility (scoring 46 per cent).

Improved creativity, entrepreneurship and empowerment

The answers related to Creativity, Entrepreneurship and Empowerment – i.e. the essentials of our business - have all increased their score, in comparison to the 2019 edition. The index related to Creativity has increased by 6 points to 76 per cent, showing that teams within RTL Group share information more freely, that our organization is increasingly diverse and offers equal opportunities and that, even more than in the past, individuals feel empowered to contribute new ideas. The Entrepreneurship and Empowerment indexes have both increased by 4 points since 2019, showing that employees feel appreciated, can work independently, and feel they are making an important contribution to the success of the company.

And finally…

When looking at the Survey’s findings, it is important to remember that whereas the results at RTL Group level provide an insightful overall picture of the situation and show trends for the Group as a whole, the main purpose of the Employee Survey is to foster improvement and change on a more detailed level. The next step now will be to work intensively with the results – in our companies, departments and individual teams, where our daily work takes place and where people make a difference and jointly devise action plans to further improve the way we collaborate.

Thank you again for taking part!

Best regards,

Thomas, Elmar, Björn and Francesco

Thomas Rabe, CEO of RTL Group
Elmar Heggen, COO and Deputy CEO of RTL Group
Björn Bauer, CFO of RTL Group
Francesco Costadura, EVP Human Resources at RTL Group

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