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15.09.2021, Luxembourg/Germany, RTL Group

The new online destination rtl.com went live today, combining entertainment, information and a new entry to the corporate world.

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Following the rebranding at RTL Group on 6 August 2021, RTL Deutschland continued with the rollout of the new RTL branding across its on-air and digital platforms in Germany (as reported).

As a part of the rollout, RTL Group together with RTL Deutschland has launched a brand-new digital hub rtl.com, offering a completely new user journey. With rtl.com, we are making use of one of our most valuable digital assets and turning it into the RTL Hub, which combines news, programme information and access to streaming content. In addition, rtl.com offers an entry into the corporate world of RTL. From today, company.rtl.com is the new home for RTL’s corporate world, where you will find information on the RTL Group and its business units. Going forward, we will clearly communicate one RTL responsibility strategy, a combined RTL media hub and are also developing one RTL career world. Today is only a starting point, and we will continue to work on creating one RTL world.

Within the project of unifying the RTL brand, the digital hub rtl.com serves as a gateway to the world of RTL. Therefore, the first iteration of the corporate website is available in English and German for RTL Group and RTL Deutschland. Following the international rollout of the new RTL brand, rtl.com will be available in more languages going forward, for a wider audience and to strengthen RTL as Europe’s leading entertainment brand.

Explore the new corporate site: company.rtl.com

The RTL United journey continues: Next to come is the rebranding of TV Now to RTL+ in November 2021 (as previously reported) and the launch of a new RTL intranet in October 2021 (as previously reported). In line with our objective to create one unified RTL brand across Europe, other RTL-branded units will follow soon.

We are always happy to hear your thoughts, ideas and comments. Please share your feedback on the new branding with the RTL Group news team by sending an email to backstage@rtlgroup.com.