Reflecting our diverse and inclusive workforce

11.10.2021, Luxembourg/Germany, RTL Group

To represent the diversity of our colleagues and stand up for inclusivity, RTL employees are invited to add their personal pronouns to their email signatures.

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Diversity, tolerance and respect for each other are part of our culture and the values we live by in our everyday work at RTL. We work hard to build a culture without assumptions, prejudices or judgement. To be inclusive of all gender identities, and to enable colleagues to express their gender preference, we are inviting all employees to include their personal pronouns in their email signature, either she/her, them/they or he/him.

This will both support employees who identify themselves outside the gender binary and avoid misunderstandings while working in an international and diverse environment. Colleagues will be able to easily inform others of their gender identity and show how they would like to be addressed.

Create your own personal RTL logo

To celebrate the unique identity of each individual, employees are also invited to create their own customised RTL logo in the new RTL brand design. By making use of an endless variety of colours, the new brand identity reflects the diversity of RTL’s content and people.

Choose your favourite colours and create your own personal RTL logo here.

The new RTL brand identity has already been rolled out for RTL Group and RTL Deutschland (as previously reported), with the international roll-out for other RTL-branded business units continuing from 2022.