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"Cloud, Data, Artificial Intelligence – these are the three technologies that will have the greatest impact on Bertelsmann."
Thomas Rabe, Bertelsmann Chairman & CEO, RTL Group CEO (Read the letter of Thomas Rabe on Benet)


Committed to the principle "we see it as our responsibility to empower as many as possible to be successful in the digital world," Bertelsmann is launching the online global corporate training initiative to strengthen people's tech skills: together with Udacity, Bertelsmann is investing several million euros in funding 50,000 tech scholarships over a three-year period.


Udacity, a global pioneer in lifelong learning, is an online education platform that develops practical tech-focused online courses in collaboration with leading tech companies.

Through Udacity programmes, Bertelsmann ensures the growth and development of valuable skills in an increasingly tech-driven economy. Specifically, the Group is funding 15,000 tech scholarships annually for Udacity Challenge Courses. After completing the Challenge Courses, 10 per cent of the participants will continue their learning journey with the Nanodegree programme, deep diving into specific selected subject areas. 


The scholarship programme is aimed equally at beginners (basic computer skills are recommended) and experienced programmers. It focuses on three tech learning paths:

  • Cloud, i.e. applications for online-based IT infrastructures
  • Data, i.e. applications for the analysis and interpretation of large volumes of data
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI), i.e. applications related to machine learning and intelligent algorithms

The programme builds on the success of earlier initiatives: in recent years, Bertelsmann had already endowed several thousand scholarships as part of a collaboration with Google. The offer generated a great response, and the EU Commission recognised the joint training initiative with its EU Digital Skills Award.


The application period has now ended. Scholarship recipients will be announced in November 2019 and will start the Challenge Course later that month.

The scholarship programme is free of charge for participants as Bertelsmann will cover the costs. It will be held in English.



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