Transforming RTL

The journey has begun as we start the rollout of the new RTL brand identity. Over the past months, a dedicated team from RTL Group and RTL Deutschland has defined RTL’s purpose, promise and brand principles and translated this DNA into a new brand identity. Following the announcement in June 2021, the new brand is now coming to life. Join us in strengthening RTL – Europe’s leading entertainment brand.

On this page, you will find all you need to know to discover the new RTL brand. Got questions? Reach out to Isabell at

RTL’s purpose, promise and brand principles

A strong brand is nothing without its heartbeat. What does RTL stand for, today and in the future? What is our essence? We defined RTL’s purpose, promise and brand principles.


Why do we exist? Our motivation.


What does RTL stand for and has always been known for: Entertainment. Our promise. No matter through our formats or the way we tell the news. Entertainment has always been at the heart of RTL.

Brand Principles

How we do our work and what guides us are the following 8 brand principles. Our DNA, Our Passion:

–     We act responsibly.

–     We shape the future. 

–     We are close.

–     We create emotions.

–     We inspire in every context and moment.

–     We connect.

–     We are simple and straightforward.

–     We are passionate.

Brand Principles


Brand Principles - click through to discover our brand principles.

We respect people, nature and the communities we serve. We take a stand and embrace diversity and cohesion, sustainability and humanity. We think globally and act locally.

What we create is forward-looking in every way. We think in new directions. We exploit trends using micro and macro-economics, experience and lifestyle research, and analysis of our competitors and target groups. We use the latest technologies and aim to be at the forefront of innovation.

We love humans. Whether employee, audience, partner, customer or applicant. We involve and want to achieve more together. We analyse people’s days and create points of contact anytime, anywhere. A ‘Can-do’ attitude shows our belief.

We create a special energy. What we do has a positive effect on people’s lives.

Everything we do connects. We connect people, products, content, services, technology. We create platforms, maintain alliances and partnerships, foster exchange and teamwork. With the potential of these networks, we open up new business areas.

We focus on the essentials. With every product, every design and anything we do. We make things simple and speak out about what matters.

We love the new, the bold, the smart, the cheeky. We question the status quo and try new things. We are guided by creativity, we surprise and reach high. We learn from our experiences. We act entrepreneurially and take calculated risks.

United we go further

It is on each and everyone of you to ignite our new RTL brand principles. We can only get better and elevate by challenging the status-quo. Across all departments and across all areas. Our common goal should always be to respect those principles to 100% in everything we do. Because together we shape the future of RTL – the leading European entertainment brand.

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Get the new RTL look

From now on, we show our new look across all platforms, documents and applications. Get it here!

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United we build RTL – Europe's leading entertainment brand.